Monday, August 28, 2006

Help Lebanon? Help ME!

DMO is quite impressed by the Lebanese and their campaigns all over the UAE. Outdoors, TVC's, print.. if it were a car DMO would have bought it. Of course DMO is not too thrilled with the graphic images used, but if the regional culture likes to see faces of decpitated children and people dying, more power to ya.

It makes one wonder about the Palestinians who are also constantly bombarded. This by no means is a political post (you pick your side, your business). However, there was very little concerted effort in the media to campaign for helping rebuild the Gaza airport when it was detroyed. There was some PR, but it mostly got people upset without an outlet to channel that anger.

In the case of Lebanon, I believe it was beautifully executed. Anger was channeled to relief funds. Awareness was coupled with a call to action. No, not a call to go out and wage a holy war. A call to rebuild a country devastated by war.

As much as DMO hates to admit it (and DMO will never admit this to his many Lebanese friends), much props to them.


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