Tuesday, August 29, 2006

In Dubai We Bouncing, it's how we do!

DMO is not a big fan of the radio, it's almost never on. However, having gotten increasingly tired of the same 6 CD's and not bothered to change any of them, the radio took center stage.

Now we all heard of the so-called rapper Phat Mo came out on the 'scene'. It was funny, with many mixed reactions. Today I noticed a new song 'In Dubai we bouncing' (or something like that). Not sure who is responsible for it, but it's there.

I remember conversations with musician friends several years back when I tried to sell them the idea of selling Dubai. "Talk about clubbing, women, cars, money.. sell Dubai like it's the LBC.. hell, get Snoop and 50 cent on in it." (Un)fortunately, my musician friends are the "We won't sell out to the man" types. Fair enough. I am glad that someone is taking on the project though.

I am just not sure what efforts are being made to promote this "I Love Dubai" type of music (similar to 2pac's infatuation with California). Dubai government could certainly benefit from it. After all, that's the image Dubai has among the GCC neighbors who spend good money on "club hopping and bottle popping".

DMO says, turn on that PR machine and get this party started. It doesn't matter if you like the music or not -- if it will generate more money into the country, milk it!


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