Saturday, July 01, 2006

MEPRA's Fees and Charges Guide 2006

MEPRA finally published their Fees and Charges Guide 2006. Aside from the needless 3 pages DMO had to go through to get to the file, there really wasn't much in there.

It seems as though the folks at MEPRA just quit half-way through the document and decided to publish it anyway. Despite Cem's outrageously absurd outbursts, he does make a few interesting points:
Now they mentioned that during a crisis they will charge the client double. But what about issues management? What about pre-IPO? What about investor relations? What about crisis prevention? What about consumer outreach?

The point is, the document is lacking. However, it is a good start.

The sad truth is, Cem is also right that the only motivation MEPRA members have behind this guideline is to combat Orient's invasion into their piece of the pie. Orient Planet continues to score while MEPRA members are gradually losing ground.

MEPRA need to have more support from outside the region, change their chairman and garner the respect of their peers. As it stands, everyone and anyone who is not a MEPRA member laughs at the thought of joining MEPRA.

I think it's time for a coup. Without a total revolution, MEPRA's guides and press releases are going to continue to be ignored by the industry at large, including their own members.